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UB Machine GM Lower Control Arms

 UB Machine GM Control Arms
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UB Machine Control Arms, Fabricated, Lower, Screw-In Ball Joint, Steel, Black Powder Coat, GM A-Body / X-Body, Sold Each

UB Machine Heavy duty, UMP-legal lower control arms are fitted with mono-ball control arm bushings, and are offered to accept stock or screw-in ball joints. Available for 1964-72 Chevelle and 1968-74 Nova/1967-69 Camaro.

Part Number                  Description

UBM32-1210-L            1964-72 Chevelle, Left, Large Screw-In Ball Joint
UBM32-1210-R            1964-72 Chevelle, Right, Large Screw-In Ball Joint
UBM32-1220-L            1968-74 Nova/1967-69 Camaro, Left, Large Screw-In Ball Joint
UBM32-1220-R            1968-74 Nova/1967-69 Camaro, Right, Large Screw-In Ball Joint
UBM32-3210-L            1964-72 Chevelle, Left, Stock Ball Joint
UBM32-3210-R            1964-72 Chevelle, Right, Stock Ball Joint
UBM32-3220-L            1968-74 Nova/1967-69 Camaro, Left, Stock Ball Joint
UBM32-3220-R            1968-74 Nova/1967-69 Camaro, Right, Stock Ball Joint
UBM32-5220-L            1968-74 Nova/1967-69 Camaro, Left, Small Screw-In Ball Joint
UBM32-5220-R            1968-74 Nova/1967-69 Camaro, Right, Small Screw-In Ball Joint

Customer Note:  Please indicate part number, and model vehicle under customer notes, when placing order.

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