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Idemitsu Racing Rotary 20W-50 Oil (Race Team 10 Case Quantity)

Idemitsu Racing Rotary 20W-50 Case Of 12
Idemitsu Racing Rotary 20W-50 Case Of 12Idemitsu Winning Race Cars
Price: $1,495.00
Item Number: IDE-20W-50 Rotary
Manufacturer: Idemitsu Lubricants
Manufacturer Part No: IDE-20W-50 Rotary
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Engineered specifically to meet the unique requirements of high-performance rotary engines, including turbo and supercharged applications. Fully synthetic advanced Molybdenum formulation is optimized for performance, higher temperature protection, durability, reduces friction and minimizes deposits.
  • With the precise base oil mix of PolyAlphaOlephins and PolyEsters, Idemitsu Rotary Engine Oils are able to minimize deposits on your apex seals
  • Allows for better sealing of the chamber, facilitating more power generation
  • Extends the life of turbochargers by reducing bearing coking
  • Specially developed additives facilitate even tooth load on the front stationary gear to allow for higher loads and higher RPM
  • Premium anti-wear agents create a strong film between the main bearings and the eccentric shaft, reducing metal-on-metal contact and minimizing bearing wear
  • Developed to reduce entrained gas generation. Entrained gases reduce the oil’s ability to prevent metal-on-metal contact, thereby increasing main bearing wear
  • Includes Molybdenum as a friction modifier. This compound reacts with the metal surfaces to create a low-shear boundary. The low shear characteristic reduces friction, increasing efficiency and power output
Idemitsu full synthetic racing oil comes in the most often used 20W 50 designation.  This oil is well known on the international racing scene, and has been used in Drift, Grand Am, and  Le Mans winning cars as well.  Formulated for extreme conditions such as rotary motors, this oil contains molybdenium agents, for low friction, increased horsepower, and more torque.   Idemitsu oil features superior stability, and helps to minimize exhaust port clogging.  Manufactured in the USA, by one of the largest oil companies in Japan.  If you are serious about your racing effort, or on the street performance, this is the oil you need.  Designed for use in high RPM  motors, used in street and on track applications.

PRODUCT NOTE:  Race team quantity of 10 cases.  12 quarts per case.

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