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Blow Off Valve Springs (Alpa Q Spring Ratings)

Price: $36.50
Manufacturer Part No: BV Spring # 7

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TiAL Sport replacement turbocharger blow off valve springs.  Spring pressure is selected after you determine your engines vacuum reading, during idle.  The engine should be warmed up first, to full operating temperature.  TiAL blow off valve springs are designed to work in all their applications, such as BV 50mm, Alpha Q, and Q  valves.  Pressure ratings will be different, based on the blow off valve on your engine.  Refer to the listing below, for the correct spring for your application.
Spring Color Spring Rate Use For Engine Vacuum Rating
Black 7 PSI (48 bar) -10 to -13 in/Hg
White 9 PSI (62 bar) -14 to -17 in/Hg
Un-Painted 11 PSI (76 bar) -18 to -21 in/Hg
Pink 12 PSI (83 bar) -22 to -23 in/Hg

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